Absolutely! We've prepared some guidance for leaders, parents, and Scouts that are deciding which activities to take. You can download it here!

Yes. A provisional Scout is one that comes without his unit. In some cases a youth wants to come to camp, but they are unavailable the week their troop comes. In other cases, their troop may not be attending Barnhardt, but the Scout doesn't want to miss out on the fun. Others simply want to come back for a second week! We are happy to allow provisional Scouts at both summer and winter camp.

These Scouts are placed with a trusted unit that has been with us at Barnhardt before. The provisional Scout essentially acts as one of the troop members. We have several local units that annually request to have the provisionals paired with them. This allows a smaller troop to have enough Scouts to compete in group-based games and challenges. Scouts also make great new friends this way.

To register as a provisional Scout, use our online system. Please note that you should only register as an individual if you are coming as a provisional. If your troop is in camp, please register with them.

Do you have a Camp Master Program?
Absolutely! Please see our Camp Master Program under the programs tab.