Outdoor Skills

Camp John J. Barnhardt's Outdoor Skills staff is prepared to teach your Scouts all sorts of valuable and exciting skills! This program area is located between NightHawks and the waterfront with stations on both sides of the road. Younger Scouts will benefit from our Camping and First Aid instruction while older Scouts will enjoy the opportunity to earn Fishing and Wilderness Survival merit badges. We also often teach Orienteering, Fire Safety, Backpacking, Pioneering, and Emergency Preparedness. There is something at Camp Barnhardt's Outdoor Skills area for every Scout!

Camp Barnhardt has 26 state-of-the-art new mountain bikes that are housed in this area. Our Cycling instructor covers bike safety, maintenance, and helps Scouts explore the miles of challenging trails around Camp Barnhardt's thousand acres. Scouts can sign up for Cycling merit badge and use our bikes and helmets or bring their own. 

We also teach basic and advanced outdoor cooking to help Scouts on their journey towards earning Cooking merit badge. Food safety, menu preparation, and proper techniques are all covered. Scouts generally eat quite well in our Cooking classes since they practice making so many meals! Check out the sample dish below from a previous summer.