Eagles' Nest (located in the Lone Scout Building)

Several Eagle-required merit badges are offered each summer in our Eagles' Nest area. This area is located in the Lone Scout Buidling, which is between the Trading Post and Health Lodge. Eagles' Nest has two air-conditioned classrooms where trained staff offer Citizenship in the World, Citizenship in the Nation, Communications, and Personal Management. 

A number of other activities are offered in this as as well including badges like Photography, Digital Technology, Crime Prevention, Entrepreneurship, Salesmanship, and Traffic Safety. 

In Eagles' Nest, Scouts will enjoy small classes (12 or fewer) so that they get the help they need to earn emerit badges that help them advance towards Eagle!

For information about requirements that cannot be completed at camp, see the letter from our Eagles' Nest Director below. 

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A Letter from the Eagles' Nest Director Download