A Salute to Jack: Chieftain

The final tier of the "Salute to Jack" awards is titled Chieftain since Jack carved an indian head neckerchief slide for each Eagle Scout and Assistant Scoutmaster in his unit. Our goal for the 2023 camping season is to see 85 Scouts and leaders complete the challenges associated with this award in recognition of his 85 consecutive years of membership in the BSA. We hope you'll be one of the at least 85 Scouts that accomplish these goals in his honor! The expectations are detailed below for both youth and adults.

A leader from your troop will be able to submit your name here (link to be inserted) to be added to the list. All earning the Chieftain award will be recognized at Friday night's campfire by members of Jack's troop. 

Youth Requirements: 

  1. Earn (or previously have earned) Indian Lore merit badge.
    • Why? One of Jack's favorite badges was Indian Lore. He taught the badge in Handicraft and helped build the replica hut that used to be positioned near that area. A Native American appeared on the patch one of the years he was Camp Director. We offer Indian Lore classes in both the 10:15 sessions!
  2. Earn (or previously have earned) Woodwork, Hiking, OR Cooking merit badge.
    • Why? Leaders in Jack's troop described these as merit badges that he enjoyed or he would describe as particularly important. Our staff can help you earn these!
  3. Either enter an item into the youth division of the Craftsmanship Competition on Wednesday (it can be made before camp) or compete in the youth division of the Hungry Lumberjack Competition without using a camp stove. You can do both but only one is expected. 
    • Why? Jack was an excellent craftsman and would likely win a competition like the one we have on Wednesday. He'd encourage everyone to try to make something with their own hands. Jack also taught campsite cooking to his troop as recently as 2019. He was the last Camp Director to oversee camp when troops had to cook every meal in the campsite.
  4. Partipate in the "Jack of All Trades" event with your patrol. To qualify for the award, your group must have earned all 12 brands before the event ends. 
    • Why? This is the big event and to earn the final tier of the award, your group should show that you can complete all the challenges. Participation is not enough! You don't have to win, but you need to finish before it's too dark for the event to continue. Scout skills will matter, but teamwork is a key to this one. Show us that you are a Jack of All Trades! 

Adult Requirements: 

  1. Complete 6 hours of service to Camp Barnhardt beyond your Scoutmaster role either during your week of camp or on Beaver Day (6 total, so 2 additional if you already earned Scouting's Flame and Thunderbird). 
    • Why? Jack said "when they can't afford your help, do it for free."
  2. Carve a neckerchief slide (to give to a scout in your troop at the end of the week as an award). 
    • Why? That's how Jack's tradition started and we'd like to see other troops/leaders pick up this habit. Jack's Scouts value those carvings decaeds later and we're sure the Scout you present yours to will as well.  
  3. Read "Over the Next Hill" by Jack (with parts contributed by members of his troop). 
    • Why? Jack describes Scouting as far back as the 1930's in his book. You might find some great activities or tools to use with your Scouts. It's also very interesting learning about how patrols functioned then. It is also amazing to learn about all of his Scouting adventures and contributions. 
  4. Support the "Jack of All Trades" event we're running on Thursday. You can do this by helping during the event (tending fires, branding the batons, etc.) or those not in camp on Thursday can help with the prep work on Monday and Tuesday (see handicraft) 
    • Why? Well this is the biggest event tied to the "Salute to Jack" and our staff will need some leader support. The staff will run the events, but at least a handful of leaders will be needed to keep score and/or help them brand the batons at the stations. 

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Over the Next Hill Jack Kepley's Scouting Stories Download